"In the Air" is the last song off of Momentum by tobyMac.


I had a dream last night about the other side And I must confess that it was quite the ride I had a dream last night and the fact that you weren't there Gave me quite the scare People were afloat all around me Yet their weightless state never seemed to astound me Everything was grand till I noticed one thing That you, my friend, weren't on the scene

There in the air

I've been workin' all morning trying to spin my dream Cause I just can't believe you weren't in my dream Remember you and I said we would paint the sky And the leaves on the trees and the stars at night We made beats and we even wrote rhymes And played golf, I think, a million times Now we never got around to spiritual matters But we sure made time for our mindless chatter


I wanna see you there In the the air One day we'll be singin' (Hallelujah) I wanna see you there In the the air One day we'll be singin' (Hallelujah)

Hello, wassup (wassup), how ya doin' (just fine) I was sorta wonderin', could we make the time (Just kick it) why not (at our usual spot) Latte's in May, mine cold, yours hot (So where we goin') much deeper than our usual chat (Like who's beats is weak and who's beats is phat) Nah, my man, this some next level junk (Like when we discussed if Tiger Woods could dunk) Just meet me there, seven o'clock, rain or shine With a fat cup of bean and a wide open mind