"Re:Mix Momentum" is the first remix album by TobyMac. The album remixes Momentum released in 2001. This came out in 2003

Track Listing

  1. "J Train (Math Remix)"
  2. "Yours (Savage Remix)"
  3. "Somebody's Watching (Painter Remix)"
  4. "Irene (Marvin Remix)"
  5. "Tru Dog (Savage Remix)"
  6. "Love is in the House (NW Remix)"
  7. "Get This Party Started (Ghost Remix)"
  8. "Extreme Days (Shoc Remix)"
  9. "Momentum (Beatmart Remix)"
  10. "Do you Know (McAnany Remix)"
  11. "J Train (Linney Brothers/DJ Maj Remix)"
  12. "Yours (Linney Remix)"
  13. "Irene (The Binary Twin Remix)"
  14. "Love is in the House (Muckala Remix)"

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