"Somebody's Watching" is a song off of Momentum by tobyMac.


Suggestions, questions People want to know Is there life after talk Cause there's talk on the row Twistin' words that I've never even said To the ones that I trust Or my "Boo" in our bed Will he make it, I bet he won't As they're runnin' through the minutes On their cell phones So the picture's painted You got the point And that junk's creepin' into my solo joint

Sometimes I feel God in the middle of the night In the cool of the shade in the bright sunlight

[CHORUS] I always feel like somebody's watchin' me Watch baby, watch baby, He got my back See I'm down with the King So I got it like that

It's no joke, I've been roped in Chokin' on a bone From a fish in the school of your twilight zone You shook me, took me to another place Where the air I'm breathin's like mace in my face If this controversy is your way You need to know I'll never doubt my destiny 'Cause I'm stickin' to my guns like a son of the Light Feelin' Dad, I'm feelin' Daddy in the air tonight

Sometimes I feel Grace in the middle of the night In the cool of the shade in the bright sunlight

And sometimes I feel God in the midst of a show As the palm trees sway in an afterglow



  • The song's chorus was taken from the real song.

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