"TobyMac" is a contemparary christian music singer. He has been with multi platinum selling band "DC Talk". He has been releasing solo albums since 2001. He has sold 2 gold albums, 1 platinum album, and one pre-order worthy album. He is very sucessful in his career.

DC TalkEdit

Toby formed DC Talk with Michael Tait in 1987, at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. He and Tait released "Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm" in 1988, while they recruited classmate, Kevin M. Smith. The three set out on tour after they released their first album in 1989, DC TALK. In 1990 They released their first gold album,Nu Thang. After the Nu Thang tour they recorded their first platinum album, Free at Last. The Free at Last Tour was a complete sucess. They were invited to play on The Jay Leno Show and The Aresino Hall Show, getting mainstream attention. They released their first single for their next album. The song was idmediatly a hit single. The album went multi-platinum and the best christian album in the face of ccm music, Jesus Freak in 1995. The album led to the extremely popular Jesus Freak World Tour. The eventually released the tour cd, Welcome to the Freakshow. The tour ended in sucess at time for Supernatural, which would be their last album. The album would sell platinum.They then went solo in 2001.

TobyMac soloEdit